Shift your Freelancing Into High Gear

with the business skills they don't teach you in design school. Develop the mindset and conquer the mechanics of building and growing a thriving freelance business from your creative work.

Next cohort enrolls January 2024

Art school helped you create an amazing portfolio.
But it didn't teach you how to create a thriving business from your creative work.

Do you want to stop being an order-taker and attract better clients?

Do you want to replace your full-time income with profits from your freelance business?

Are you done with the constant feast-or-famine cycle?

Are you ready to take the wheel, start your own business and set it up for success?

Do you dream of quitting your soul-crushing day job that’s killing your creative spirit?

Are you ready to shift gears from thinking like a creative to thinking like the owner of a creative business?

Freelance Road Trip is the most practical, complete business accelerator available for creative freelancers and solopreneurs.

My goal is to transform the landscape for independent creatives by helping them become more confident and profitable through strategies and systems that make their freelance road smoother.

Getting your business in shape helps you accelerate and can literally transform your life. When your business runs smoothly you’re able to focus on your creative work.

Freelance Road Trip is for every freelance creative who feels frustrated, stuck, or discouraged.

It’s also for anyone starting out who wants to avoid the guesswork and potholes freelancers run into.

You can win at freelancing. You can be self-determined. You can make a living doing what you love.

Put an end to freelance frustration.

Freelance Road Trip is specially designed to jump start your creative career.

You know, many people aren’t happy with what they do for a living. They desire so much more from their careers than what they’re experiencing, but very few will ever do anything to change it.

Independence gives you the opportunity to get unstuck and leave complacency far behind, so you can step into what you were really meant to do as a creative.

Freelance Road Trip is specifically designed for creative professionals.

Building a business is the most creatively challenging thing you can do, but most creatives don’t “get” the business thing. They focus on being creative, and end up with frustrating clients relationships, leave money on the table, and simply struggle to survive.

I created Freelance Road Trip because I saw too many of my fellow freelancers frustrated, ready to give up, and considering returning to a soul-crushing day job.



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Avoid common freelance problems like these:

"I completed the project and invoiced the client three months ago and they still haven't paid me."
Get it in writing
"My client thinks I'm charging too much."
"I'm not getting the kind of work I want to do."
"I'm doing this job for next to nothing and it's gotten a lot more complicated than I expected. I'm worried I'm spending too much time and they keep changing their mind about what they want. "
"I just found out that my photo's been stolen and someone's selling it online like it's theirs. What do I do?"

"Freelance Road Trip has taken away my fear and confusion."

“The Freelance Road Trip training Alvalyn has created is absolutely outstanding. It has provided me with a wealth of knowledge essential in running my design business as an independent creative. She has created a virtual classroom combining videos, worksheets and a member forum. This training has taken away my fear and confusion on the business end and has been a true road map for me, one that I will be using throughout my career. I highly recommend Alvalyn’s Freelance Road Trip program to anyone wanting to become an independent creative…or is one but needs assistance as I did. Thank you so much Alvalyn!” — Nadja F., North Carolina

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Freelancing allows you to invest time and talent into what matters most to you. As an independent you have control over your time, where and when you work, who you work with, and the types of projects you take on. It allows you to do significant work and generate full time income without full time effort.



Twelve core lessons equip you in the mechanics of setting up your business the right way, the mindset of purpose and mission, and the necessary marketing and messaging to position, differentiate, and find the right clients, all for long-term success.


Create Your Independence


Starting with your motivations and goals, you are guided through the steps to build your business foundation. Upon completion of Module 1, you will have done the basics of setting up your business, if you do all the work. It’s not a business until you treat it like a business.

LESSON 1.1  Find Your Focus

LESSON 1.2  Know Your Why

LESSON 1.3  Set Up Your Business

LESSON 1.4  Establish Your Values

LESSON 1.5  Make Your Plan


Value Your Work


Many of the potholes a freelancer can stumble into can be avoided by having the right information and a plan of action. Upon completion of Module 2 you will have established your pricing structure, created a contract template and explored copyright basics.

LESSON 2.1  Name Your Price

LESSON 2.2  Working Relationships

LESSON 2.3  Know Your Rights

LESSON 2.4  Get It In Writing

LESSON 2.5  Coming To Terms


Attract Great Clients


Marketing and branding are necessary to running a business. Create strategies for your web site, promotions and social media. Upon completion you will have started your prospect list, planned your website, and have a plan in place to promote your work.

LESSON 3.1  Branding Basics

LESSON 3.2  Becoming A Marketer




Managing Creative Projects 

Crafting Project Proposals

Your Marketing-Smart Website

"Freelance Road Trip is a game-changer."

Alvalyn’s courses helped immensely in developing a solid business structure for my creative work. Creativity generally comes easily, but taking the time to really think out and plan how to freelance effectively just does not seem to get focused on enough. Alvalyn’s expertise and knowledge of this area really showcased for me how to do this well.” — Kate Hauber, Pasadena, CA

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What's under the hood in Freelance Road Trip ?

Freelance Road Trip is a complete business road road map that guides you through the process of launching or tuning up your business to thrive and prosper from your creative work. Your enrollment includes:

The core lesson series consists of 12 core trainings rolled out over 12 weeks that cover purpose, mission, business structure, legal and tax aspects, copyright, contracts, marketing, account management, planning, pricing, and getting paid.

At the end of the 12 weeks, if you do the work, you’ll have everything in place to launch your business.

Topical Jump Start trainings dive deeper into specific topics to help you craft systems and design strategies for success. 

Each lesson includes a worksheet and action items you can implement right away.

Twelve monthly group coaching sessions help you build a peer community and provide solutions to specific problems. Share ideas. Ask questions. Get answers. Encourage and be encouraged. Form a network of fellow freelancing creatives.

One individual 90-minute coaching session.

Whether you’re looking to jump into full-time freelancing or pursue part-time options, Freelance Road Trip is the foundation for your success.

You can get your business up an running in just 90 days.

Alvalyn Lundgren, creator of Freelance Road Trip

My mission is simple… To help you thrive as an independent creative.

I’m a freelancer just like you, and I teach from more than 40 years of experience.

I’ve dealt with the very same common problems freelancers deal with: non-payment, scope creep, the proverbial feast-or-famine cycle…

I figured out I needed more than just creative skills to thrive. I needed business skills. But they don’t teach those in design school. There’s a skill gap — and a mindset gap — between building a creative portfolio and building a creative business. 

That’s why I created Freelance Road Trip — to help my fellow freelance creatives shift gears, master the art and craft of business so they can thrive in a career and lifestyle they love.

I’ve pulled together everything I know into a one-of-a-kind, proven road map to help you fine-tune your freelance career, make a living creating meaningful work, serving your clients well, and fulfill your life mission.

Here's what's under the hood in Freelance Road Trip


Starting with your driving motivators, unique approach, and specific goals, you’re guided through the steps to build or shore up your business. Topics are comprehensive so that you build the sure foundation to grow and thrive, attract your best clients, and profit from your creative work. 

Group Coaching

Join for the training, stay for the community. Freelancing doesn’t need to be isolating. Here you are part of a supportive, online community of like-minded people. Connect, share advice, get questions answered, and stay focused and motivated through mutual encouragement.

Individual Coaching

Your enrollment includes one individual coaching session, with the opportunity to be featured on the Freelance Road Trip podcast or YouTube channel.

"Incredibly valuable."

Alvalyn presents material that is detailed and thorough and engages her students to explore the topics deeply and with purpose. I have found it incredibly valuable to learn the ins and outs of being a creativepreneur from her as she has the first-hand experience and perspective of being a creativepreneur herself. I’ve gained a mindset shift that gives me the understanding and confidence to be a successful business owner. I look forward to learning more through her podcast, blog and other materials, and I  passionately recommend her to fellow creatives.”

— Rima B., Thousand Oaks, CA


Freelance Road Trip is the most practical, complete business training available for creative freelancers.

Unlike  other programs, we don’t focus on one or two aspects of your freelance business. We cover the totality of setting you up for business success, protecting your work and marketing your brand. 

We cover the four main areas where freelancers hit roadblocks and potholes in earning income from their creative work: clients, money, structure, and marketing.

That’s great! Just start with Core Training 1.1 and follow in sequence from there.

Absolutely, we can help. Many  success stories are from people whose businesses were already generating income, but they needed help getting to the next level.

Freelance Road Trip teaches you how to craft a successful business, but we cannot guarantee you will be successful, earn a certain level of income, or work with the best clients.

We make no claim or guarantee of success. What you do with the information and tools we provide is up to you.

Freelance Road Trip is self-paced and self-directed. You decide how my time you’ll spend working on your freelance business.

Yes. You can request free access to a sample lesson excerpt covering IP and copyright. 

Click here to request the sample lesson.

Do you have other questions? ASK ALVALYN

You get perpetual access to the video library via the links.

You can download all of the worksheets and resources that go along with each lesson.

No. Freelance Road Trip is designed specifically for visual communicators: designers, artists, illustrators and photographers in mind. 

But freelancers from related fields including interior architecture and copywriting have benefitted the program. 

The concepts and principles apply across many sectors and professions.

Because you get access to the entire digital library of on-demand  trainings and worksheets, we offer a full refund if you cancel your membership within 48 hours of purchase. We offer a 60% refund up to 7 days from date of purchase.

We want you to be satisfied with your purchase but we also want you to give your best effort to apply all of the strategies in the program. You must also demonstrate that you have attempted to implement the trainings without success. To meet this requirement, you must submit the work outlined in the terms and conditions.

Yes. You can purchase a single coaching session or a multi-session coaching package.

Your access expires after 12 months, but you can renew it. 

You can spend hours figuring out what you need to build a thriving freelance business. With all that time spent researching and exploring, you might never launch your business or fix those pesky problems that are holding you back.

Freelance Road Trip is a one-and-done short cut to get you there faster and more efficiently. If you complete the program and implement what you learn you can launch with confidence, or fix your problems.