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Launch or Tune Up Your Independent Creative Business in Just 12 Weeks

Transform your design, illustration or photography skills into a successful freelance business. 
Create  your independence. Value your work. Attract great clients.
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Learn vital business skills so you can manage projects, price for your expertise, value your work, get paid and attract the right kinds of clients.

Independent contractors, freelancers and self-employed entrepreneurs are part of the “gig economy” which is about 34% of the workforce according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

Freelancing offers independence, flexible schedules and freedom to choose the kinds of projects you want.

You can have a great portfolio of work, but unless you are able to make good business decisions your portfolio won’t take you far.

Freelance Road Trip is a proven business road map

Whether you’re just starting your freelance career or need to tune up your business, Freelance Road Trip gives you what you need to succeed as an independent creative pro.

You’ll get the knowledge to identify red flags, avoid typical problems, attract great clients and be the kind of creative pro your clients want to work with.

We address budgeting, pricing, contracts, copyright, branding and marketing. 


3 Reasons Why Independent Creative Businesses Fail

Many creatives start working with clients before they put a business structure and policies in place. Then they run into problems, potholes and roadblocks they aren’t prepared for.

Freelance Road Trip hopes to get you as good at business as you are creatively.

Because it’s not a business until you treat it like a business.

Many freelancers accept whatever projects are offered instead of identifying and pursuing the kinds of clients and projects that suit them best.

Freelance Road Trip provides a proven strategy for figuring out your “ideal” types of clients, and crafting tactics and strategies for consistent outreach.

Being in business as a creative means you’re a business owner and you need to manage projects and handle clients well.

Freelance Road Trip trains you in managing projects and working with clients to encourage repeat business and keep your suppliers happy.

Sure, I'd like to freelance. How will Freelance Road Trip help me?

Freelance Road Trip is a complete business road map that takes you step-by-step through the process of setting up your business and implementing systems and policies which will help you generate revenue from your creative work.

We begin with your vision and goals, get your business set up legally and deal with budgeting and taxes. We guide you through pricing, contracts and protecting your intellectual property. We deal with client relations, prospecting and marketing. 

In just 12 weeks, if you do the work, you have a completed plan and are able to launch your business. 

Whether you’re looking to jump into full-time freelancing or pursue part-time gigs, Freelance Road Trip is a great foundation for success.

Enjoy Quality, Focused Training

from an experienced creative entrepreneur and mentor

  • Take practical steps to build a business foundation that will support your creative work.
  • Identify your values and establish your policies so that you give value to your clients.
  • Discover your ideal clients is and how you can help them.
  • Understand copyright and set policies to protect your work.
  • Gain essential marketing savvy and write your marketing plan.

Go from From Zero to Freelance in just 12 weeks

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Avoid common freelance problems

Learn what to do in situations like these:

"I completed the project and invoiced the client three months ago and they still haven't paid me."
Get it in writing
"How do I know what to charge and can I bill my client for expenses?"
"How do I find the kinds of clients I want to work with?"
"I'm doing this job for next to nothing and it's gotten a lot more complicated than I expected. I'm worried I'm spending too much time and they keep changing their mind about what they want. "
"I just found out that my photo's been stolen and someone's selling it online like it's theirs. What do I do?"



Each lesson comes directly to your inbox once each week and includes a bite-sized video, worksheet with action items and lesson notes.


The program can be completed in 12 weeks. It's self-paced so that you can take longer if you need to.

Program Format

Weekly lessons and worksheets are delivered to your inbox once each week, based on your enrollment date.

Financial Investment

Pay a single payment up front of $1,265.00.The program is valued at $3,200.00.

The Business Roadmap Program

You get access to all 12 lessons, worksheets and resource guides to help you get your business on the road,


An exclusive members-only Facebook community! 

  • 12-Month Program Membership
  • 12 Video Trainings delivered once each week for 12 weeks
  • Step-by-Step Worksheets
  • Members-Only Facebook Community
  • Bonus Jump-Start Mini Courses
  • Lifetime Access!!!



Freelance Road Trip  courses are delivered directly to your inbox!

You get 12 valuable lessons in 3 modules

 The Road Map program is 12 bite-size video lessons supported by worksheets, resource guides and an exclusive Facebook mastermind community.
You also get 2 bonus trainings at no extra charge after you complete the 12 lessons.

Create Your Independence


Starting with your motivations and goals, you are guided through the steps to build your business foundation. Upon completion of Module 1, you will have done the basics of setting up your business, if you do all the work. It’s not a business until you treat it like a business.

LESSON 1.1  Find Your Focus

LESSON 1.2  Know Your Why

LESSON 1.3  Set Up Your Business

LESSON 1.4  Establish Your Values

LESSON 1.5  Make Your Plan


Value Your Work


Many of the potholes a freelancer can stumble into can be avoided by having the right information and a plan of action. Upon completion of Module 2 you will have established your pricing structure, created a contract template and explored copyright basics.

LESSON 2.1  Name Your Price

LESSON 2.2  Working Relationships

LESSON 2.3  Know Your Rights

LESSON 2.4  Get It In Writing

LESSON 2.5  Coming To Terms



Attract Great Clients


Marketing is crucial to your professional success, and branding is necessary to promote your work. Create strategies for your web site, promotions and social media. Upon completion you will have started your prospect list, planned your website, and have a plan in place to promote your work.

LESSON 3.1  Branding Basics

LESSON 3.2  Becoming A Marketer

Managing Creative Projects 
Crafting Project Proposals
The Marketing-Smart Website
and more.



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A few Often–asked questions

Freelance Road Trip helps you craft a successful business, but we cannot guarantee you will be successful, earn a certain level of income, or work with the best clients.

You’ll learn how to structure your business, ways to promote your work, and resources for protecting your work. What you do with that is up to you.

Freelance Road Trip guides you in developing business skills. These skills support your creative work. We focus more on what do do with your portfolio as a marketing tool, and what you should include in it for that purpose.

Unlike many other programs, we don’t focus on one or two aspects of your freelance business. We move step-by-step through the process of setting up your business for success, protecting your work and marketing your brand. 

We cover the three main areas where freelancers hit roadblocks and potholes in earning income from their creative work: clients, business and marketing.

Frankly, I’m tired of listening to stories about how freelancers get into trouble because they don’t know not to. Even mid-career creative pros don’t always know what they’re doing.

Most schools focus on your portfolio and help you get a job, but don’t teach you how to build your brand or get a business off the ground.

There’s a knowledge gap.

Frankly, out of sheer frustration, I took my own experiences and how I crafted my business and laid it out for you to follow. 

My aim with Freelance Road Trip is to help my fellow indy creatives thrive simply by giving them what they need and training them to use it.

In doing this, I also hope to influence the creative industries as a whole, so that there are fewer problems between freelancers and their clients.

Freelance Road Trip is self-paced.

Although you receive a new lesson in your inbox each week for 12 weeks, you can go at whatever speed is comfortable for you.

I recommend that you invest a minimum of 2-3 hours per week into building your business and getting set to launch.

Consider that 24-36 hours of training is a small investment when what you want to build a long-term career.

The freelance life is a journey from one destination to another. It’s like a road trip. You map out your route in advance and get on the road. You stop at scenic overlooks and points of interest along the way. Sometimes you encounter detours and potholes. But you’re always moving forward toward your ultimate destination.

Freelance Road Trip comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you have viewed the trainings and completed the exercises and it’s not worked for you, you can request a refund. Read the refund policy and instructions before enrolling in the course.

Freelance Road Trip is designed specifically for visual designers, artists, illustrators and photographers.

Some of the training is specific to visual arts but most content is useful for writers and other creative entrepreneurs.

If you have other questions, ASK

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  • Form valuable alliances and connections that can lead to referrals
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