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Hi, I'm Alvalyn. I teach freelancers and entrepreneurs the mindset, how-tos, and street smarts for building a thriving creative business.


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Design school helped you create an amazing portfolio.
But it didn't teach you how to create a thriving business.

Do you want to quit being an order-taker and accelerate your business into what you’ve always dreamed it would be?

Are you frustrated with low-end projects and the constant feast-or-famine cycle?

Are you ready to take the wheel and get serious with building a thriving, portfolio-based career?

Do you dream of quitting your soul-crushing day job that’s killing your creative flow?

Are you ready to shift gears from thinking like a creative to thinking like the owner of a creative business?

Freelance Road Trip is the most practical, complete business training available for creative freelancers and solopreneurs.


It’s a 12-lesson program and topical trainings that give you the knowledge, resources, and guidance to fix, re-set, or launch your freelance business. In just a few weeks you’ll already be shifting gears and thinking differently about your creative work, your clients, and your business. 


I’m an independent creative, not a coach. I have over 25 years of experience, stories, failures and successes as a freelancer, and I bring everything I’ve learned together in one place for you. My mission is to help designers, illustrators and photographers shift into freelancing, or tune-up their businesses. 


Our Freelance Road Trip community is a network of designers, illustrators and photographers applying business principles to their creative practice, and encouraging each other along the way. 

get Valuable training in

  • Setting up your business legally and in AB5 compliance
  • Managing goals, projects, and time
  • Marketing, branding, and portfolio best practices
  • Negotiation, contracts, client relationships
  • Copyright, Creative Commons
  • Work – Life integration
  • and more!
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Do you know the top 3 reasons why freelancers fail?

Most of the time, creatives start working with clients before they put a business structure and policies in place. Then they run into problems, potholes and roadblocks they aren’t prepared for.

There are specific things you need to do to actually be running a business, and you can’t make a living from your work long term if you don’t get these things set up properly.

In Freelance Road Trip, I”ll walk you through the processes and business set up so you can be as good at doing business as you are creatively.

Because it’s not a business until you treat it like a business.

Many freelancers accept whatever projects are offered instead of identifying and pursuing the kinds of clients and projects that suit them best.

Freelance Road Trip provides a method for discovering your ideal types of clients (yes, I said types, plural), and crafting tactics and strategies for attracting, onboarding, and maintaining pleasant working relationships.

Being in business as a creative means you’re a business owner. 

You can’t think like an artist. 

Business skills aren’t taught in design school. So, where will you learn them?

Freelance Road Trip trains you in daily operations, money decisions, marketing, pricing, managing projects and working with clients to gain repeat business.

My mission is simple… To help you thrive as an independent creative.

I’m not a coach. I’m a freelancer like you, and I speak from years of experience.

I’ve dealt with the very same problems you deal with: clients who don’t pay, theft and abuse of my work and ideas, lack of respect, fear of losing clients.

I figured out how to run my creative services business, avoid common freelance problems, and position myself get paid what I’m worth.

I now help other freelancers shift gears, master the art of business so they can thrive in a business and lifestyle they love.

I’ve pulled together everything I’ve learned into a one-of-a-kind, proven road map  fine-tune your freelance career, make a living by creating meaningful work, and fulfill your life mission.

Avoid common freelance problems like these:

"I completed the project and invoiced the client three months ago and they still haven't paid me."
Get it in writing
"How do I know what to charge and can I bill my client for expenses?"
"How do I find the kinds of clients I want to work with?"
"I'm doing this job for next to nothing and it's gotten a lot more complicated than I expected. I'm worried I'm spending too much time and they keep changing their mind about what they want. "
"I just found out that my photo's been stolen and someone's selling it online like it's theirs. What do I do?"

The 3 Most-Asked Questions About Freelance Road Trip

1] What is the program?

2] What can I expect by the end of the course?

3] How much is the program?

One of the biggest questions I get about Freelance Road Trip is, “What do we actually do in the course?"

Here’s a story that illustrates exactly what we do: 

Tony’s been building his business for a few years now. A lifestyle photographer, he works mainly with non-profits and event producers. While he enjoys the creative work, he’s been struggling to hold the line with client requests. 

One of Tony’s clients — a small non-profit — held a charity event and booked him as the photographer. Because of the nature of the event, he had to book a hotel, pay for transportation, and rent equipment — including a drone — for an outdoor shoot. The shoot went well. The client was happy with the photos. But they didn’t pay his invoice even though he had discussed rates and expenses in advance. Their reason for not paying him: they’re a non-profit. They used the photos and gave him credit, but didn’t pay his invoice for months. When they paid it, they paid only his expenses. 

On another gig, Tony was booked by an event producer who agreed to his day rate. Tony photographed the 3-day event, and shot hundreds of images, which he edited and gave to the client. When he presented his invoice, the client claimed it wasn’t the amount he’d agreed to. He insisted the the fee was half the amount of the invoice. When Tony pressed him, the client accused him of lying and complained that the photos were of such poor quality they couldn’t be used. He claimed that Tony was lucky he was going to get any money at all. So Tony accepted the 50% payment and came away doubtful, feeling powerless, and taken advantage of.

Tony knew that things could not continue like this. He was losing money, wasting time, and spinning his wheels. But he didn’t understand why he kept dealing with the same problems over and over again. He found his answers and his footing in the Freelance Road Trip course. 

Read to the end to find out how it went for him…

You get 12 valuable lessons in 3 modules, delivered to your inbox.


Create Your Independence


Starting with your driving motivators, unique approach, and specific goals, you’re guided through the steps to build or shore up your business foundation. Upon completion of Module 1, you will have that solid foundation in place, if you do all the work. It’s not a business until you treat it like a business.

LESSON 1.1  Find Your Focus

LESSON 1.2  Know Your Why

LESSON 1.3  Set Up Your Business

LESSON 1.4  Establish Your Values

LESSON 1.5  Make Your Plan


Value Your Work


Many of the potholes  freelancers stumble into are entirely avoidable. You need  the right information and a plan of action. Upon completion of Module 2 you will be pricing right and with confidence, you’ll have a contract template and a working knowledge of copyright.

LESSON 2.1  Name Your Price

LESSON 2.2  The Working Relationship

LESSON 2.3  Know Your Rights

LESSON 2.4  Get It In Writing

LESSON 2.5  Coming To Terms


Attract Great Clients


Marketing is vital to your professional success. In this module you’ll create strategies for your web site, promotions and social media. Upon completion you’ll have developed your prospect list, overhauled your website, and have written a marketing and content plan.

LESSON 3.1  Branding Basics

LESSON 3.2  Becoming A Marketer

Managing Creative Projects 
Crafting Project Proposals
The Marketing-Smart Website
there’s more on the way…

What is the Freelance Road Trip program?

Freelance Road Trip is a complete business road map that takes you step-by-step through the process of fine-tuning your business to thrive and prosper from your creative work.

The core curriculum can be completed in as little as 12 weeks.

Whether you’re looking to jump into full-time freelancing or pursue part-time gigs, Freelance Road Trip helps you build the foundation for your success.

The program includes of 12 bite-size video lessons delivered to your inbox once a week for 12 weeks.

You also get worksheets and resource guides with each lesson.

Delivering the modules once a week instead of all at once allows you time to successfully complete a lesson before starting the next one.

There’s no pressure to complete the program in just 12 weeks! You can take as long as you need to finish the course. 

You also get lifetime access to our private Facebook community. Share ideas. Ask questions. Get answers. Encourage and be encouraged. Form a network of fellow freelancing creatives.

On top of all that, you have direct access to me via monthly Pit Stops and access to special pricing for the FRT Summer Small Group Mastermind.


Each lesson comes directly to your inbox once each week and includes a bite-sized video, worksheet with homework, and resource links. Complete the work at your own pace. After completing the 12 core lessons, you'll get the topical Jump Start trainings.


The program can be completed in 12 weeks. Generally, your time commitment will be 3–4 hours for each lesson. Since it's self-paced, you can take as long as you need to, up to 12 months. You can renew your access to our Freelance Road Trip community and future trainings by purchasing an annual subscription..

PIT Stop Coaching Calls

In our monthly conference calls we'll pinpoint where you're struggling to grow your business. We'll work on specific problems and answer your questions directly. The calls include accountability and follow-up.

Financial Investment

Choose either a single payment up front of $1,599.00 or 3 payments of $600.00. The total value of what your investment is $4,500.00.

"Freelance Road Trip has taken away my fear and confusion."

“The Freelance Road Trip training Alvalyn has created is absolutely outstanding. It has provided me with a wealth of knowledge essential in running my design business as an independent creative. She has created a virtual classroom combining videos, worksheets and a member forum. This training has taken away my fear and confusion on the business end and has been a true road map for me, one that I will be using throughout my career. I highly recommend Alvalyn’s Freelance Road Trip program to anyone wanting to become an independent creative…or is one but needs assistance as I did. Thank you so much Alvalyn!” — Nadja F., North Carolina

"Freelance Road Trip is a game-changer."

“I had clients who just didn’t respect me. Things always started out well but blew up halfway through a project or when I sent my invoice. I was spending more time fixing problems than doing the work. I was losing money. 

“In the Freelance Road Trip course I figured out what I was doing wrong and fixed my own problems. I now know how to qualify my clients. Things are a lot easier, I’m making better money, and I’m enjoying my work a lot more. This was a game-changer. Alvalyn changed my thinking.” — Tony R., Los Angeles, CA

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per month recurring

12 Payments of


TOTAL OF $1,800.00


Freelance Road Trip comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. 

I want you to be sure the my Freelance Road Trip digital course is right for you before you join the program. I don’t want to work with you if you’re not committed to seriously working on your business and changing your mindset.

During the first 30 days after enrolling, you’ll receive 4 complete lessons including video trainings and worksheets. You’ll have the opportunity to participate in a business Tune-up conference call. Plus, you’ll have immediate access to our exclusive Facebook group.

But, if within that time you decide that Freelance Road Trip isn’t for you, get in touch, show me your work and why it didn’t work for you, and I’ll be happy to issue a full refund.

Freelance road trip Community

included with your membership

Our Members-Only Community is a private Facebook group of creative pros committed to designing their businesses for success. Tap into this group in order to:

  • Draw upon the collective knowledge and shared experiences of other freelancers
  • Get help with trouble-shooting to get unstuck
  • Get feedback on your decisions and plans
  • Form valuable alliances and connections that can lead to referrals
  • Get exclusive content and trainings from founder, Alvalyn Lundgren

A few more often–asked questions

Freelance Road Trip is the most practical, complete business training available for creative freelancers.

Unlike  other programs, we don’t focus on one or two aspects of your freelance business. We move step-by-step through the process of setting you up for business success, protecting your work and marketing your brand. 

We cover the three main areas where freelancers hit roadblocks and potholes in earning income from their creative work: clients, business and marketing.

Freelance Road Trip is self-paced.

Although you receive a new lesson in your inbox every week for 12 weeks, you can go at whatever speed is comfortable for you.

I recommend that you invest a minimum of 2-3 hours per week into building your business.

Consider that 24-36 hours of training is a small investment when what you want to build a long-term career.

Frankly, I’m tired of listening to stories and complaints of freelancers getting into trouble because they don’t know how not to. 

Even mid-career creative pros don’t always know what they’re doing. They encounter the same problems over and over again, and don’t have a good way of fixing it.

Art schools focus on your portfolio and help you get a job, but don’t teach you how to build your brand or get a business off the ground.

There’s a knowledge gap.

Frankly, out of sheer frustration, I took my own experiences and how I crafted my business and laid it out for you to follow. 

My aim with Freelance Road Trip is to help my fellow indy creatives thrive simply by giving them what they need and training them to use it.

Freelance Road Trip helps you craft a successful business, but we cannot guarantee you will be successful, earn a certain level of income, or work with the best clients.

You’ll learn how to structure your business, ways to promote your work, and resources for protecting your work. What you do with that is up to you.

Freelance Road Trip guides you in developing business skills. These skills support your creative work. We focus more on what do do with your portfolio as a marketing tool, and what you should include in it for that purpose.


But, if you enroll early, you’ll get the Fast Lane Enrollment Bonus training, Professional Portfolio and Promo Tune-up.

The freelance life is a journey from one destination to another. It’s like a road trip. You map out your route in advance and get on the road. You stop at scenic overlooks and points of interest along the way. Sometimes you encounter detours and potholes. But you’re always moving forward toward your ultimate destination.

Freelance Road Trip comes with a 10-day money-back guarantee. If you have viewed the trainings and completed the exercises, and the skills are not working for you, you can request a refund. Read the refund policy and instructions before enrolling in the course.

Freelance Road Trip is designed specifically for visual communicators: designers, artists, illustrators and photographers.

But most of the content is useful for writers and other types of creative entrepreneurs.

If you have other questions, ASK

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