10 Ways To Keep Good Clients

You’ll spend far more time and money marketing to new clients than to maintaining your existing relationships. Here are 10 strategies for client retention.



Most freelancers will agree that it’s easier to hold onto an established relationship than begin a new one. And it’s less work to retain a client than to pursue a new one. While it’s necessary to market to potential clients, freelancers should make every effort to keep the good clients they have. Why? Profitability! They will spend far more time and money marketing to new clients than to maintaining their existing ones.

Client retention is not automatic. You need to be the kind of creative services provider they want to work with. Your first responsibility is to do excellent work, but that’s that starting point.

To motivate your clients to stick with you, you have to be more than a service provider. Here are 10 strategies to help you remain top of mind for every client.



02:42 Build trust

03:15 Be reliable.

04:05 Be easy to work with.

04:33 Take the lead.

05:03 Acknowledge their uncertainty.

08:10 Talk their language.

08:51 Understand their industry

09:13 Be fiscally responsible.

10:04 Be flexible.

11:15 Be interested.

12:12 Look busy.

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