In this episode, Alvalyn discusses the importance of establishing and maintaining an “abundance” mindset for achieving career and creative success. She emphasizes how success is not limited by resources, but is instead created through taking action, setting goals, and plotting strategies. It’s necessary to maintain an “unlimited” mindset during times of adversity because it affects outcomes. If you don’t adopt a success mindset you can end up handicapping your future as a freelance creative.

Success is not limited, It’s created. We don’t acquire it. We create it as we go. We set a target that we want to hit. And then we plot our steps via goals, strategies. and tactics to get to that target. But the target is achieved by being successful in every small step along the way. It makes a difference if you believe that success is unlimited and is created through intention and action, or it’s limited and something you have to take from others.

Action Items
  • Reflect on your personal mindset around success – is it coming from a scarcity/limitations perspective or a place of abundance? How might that be limiting you?
  • Identify times in your life when you’ve gone through drought/challenging periods. Consider how you responded – did you complain or keep pushing forward? How did that impact where you ended up after?
  • Reflect on the idea that you are either moving into, going through, or coming out of a time of trial. Consider where you currently are and how to respond.
  • Define what success looks like for you personally.
  • Identify creative ways to overcome resource limitations and forge your own path, rather than being stopped by obstacles.




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