130. Establish Your Value Proposition

A key to your long-term success as a freelance creative is to work with the kinds of clients you’re best suited to serve. And a key approach to attracting those clients is to establish your value proposition — a statement that clearly sets you apart from your close competitors. Value is what makes you attractive to a client because you’re focusing on the benefits of your creative services, not the services themselves. You need to understand your value from a strategic point of view, and how this knowledge helps you consistently connect with the right clients. In this episode I present the benefits of a value proposition for you and your clients, and outline key points for you to consider.

Freelance Road Trip Podcast with Alvalyn Lundgren 130: Establish Your Value Proposition

To determine your value proposition, consider the following items:

Your creative services are tethered to specific business outcomes identified by each of your clients.
Return on Investment (ROI)
You can point to data that shows that a client generated more revenue, saved more money, saved more time, than they spent on your creative services. Data is objective. and not governed by whether the client likes the work.
Big Fast ROI
You can show how the client may double their ROI within a specified amount of time — ideally, within 6 months.
Better Business Outcomes
You can show how your work generates better results over other freelancers who offer similar services. You can respond to the “How is what you do any different than what others do for half the price?ˮ question.
Partner vs. Order-Taker
You ask the client about their goals and recommend an appropriate scope of work to achieve those goals. You are a strategic creative partner and not a technician executing assigned tasks.
A Guarantee
You have established a guarantee to ensure that clients will get a good return on their investment. Guarantees are compelling, but risky.
Value-Based Pricing
You position your services based on the value of the business outcomes they produce, not the time you spent or the number of deliverables.
Unique Approach or Framework
You have a special approach to solving your clients’ business problems that most of your competitors donʼt have. Your process is not commoditized.
You provide service as a matter of course that goes above and beyond what most of your competitors donʼt. This makes it difficult for prospective clients to directly compare you with your competitors. above and beyond might include training, education, strategy sessions.
Your cadre of skills, knowledge and experience equate to work product of the highest quality. It would take years of learning, practice, and dedication to be able to solve business problems like you do.


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