Policy Resources & Information for Freelance Creatives

This is a curated list of labor laws, advocacy, resources, and topics affecting freelancers’ and creativepreneurs’ right to work.

The list is not presented in any order, nor is it categorized. We expect to do some rearranging of and adding to the content on this page in the coming months, so be sure to check back for new updates.

We update this list often, and welcome suggestions from freelancers of vetted resources.


Freelancers, independent contractors, and the self-employed have the right to work as independents. Period.

Freelance Road Trip is not an advocacy or activist organization. Our purpose is education. But, we reserve the right to speak freely about our right to work, and to oppose legislation and policy efforts that do not work for the best interests of independent creatives and other freelancers. 

Freelance Road Trip was founded to teach creatives how to design and build their independent businesses. To join and start learning, go to our home page.

Freelance Road Trip is a for-profit education platform created by Alvalyn Lundgren | Alvalyn Creative.

Full Text of Assembly Bill 5
Campaign against the PRO Act
Democratic Party Platform
Libertarian Party Platform
Republican Party Platform
Summary of laws, exemptions, and lawsuits.
A non partisan grassroots lobbying coalition of business owners, ICs, gig wrkrs & freelancers.
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Independent Contractor Updates