Pit Stop Individual Coaching Session

Get real-world practical advice to help you accelerate your freelance business.

Pit Stop sessions are one-on-one consults with Alvalyn Lundgren to deeply focus on your freelance business. The fee for a single 60-minute session is $350.00. Sessions happen via Zoom. Freelance Road Trip Premium Members enjoy special rates on Pit Stops.

Pit Stops are scheduled the fourth Friday of each month (except for December) at 2:15pm and 3:30pm.  

Choose a time, tell us what you want to accomplish, and what you need help with. Fill out the form below.

If you’re accepted, we’ll email payment details and all the information you need.

Pit Stop sessions are recorded. Excerpts may be used on the Freelance Road Trip YouTube channel and podcast.

Book a Pit Stop

To book a Pit Stop one-on-one remote individual coaching session with Alvalyn Lundgren, please complete and submit this form. We’ll notify you of acceptance by email.