Vision to Reality:

How to Create Meaningful Goals

Goals are stepping stones to your preferred future.

They’re how you make your preferred future a reality. People who set goals and accomplish them are more likely to enjoy success in business and life.
Many creative freelancers struggle with setting and following through on goals. As a result, they stay stuck in a repetitive cycle, spinning their wheels, and unable to move forward.
Do you want to know how to set and take action on the kinds of goals that will propel you forward in your business and life?

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Vision To Reality: How To Create Meaningful Goals

Vision To Reality: How To Create Meaningful Goals is a free, 62-minute, online, on-demand training.
I teach you a straight-forward but deep-dive approach to setting targets you actually want to hit, that will drive your creative business forward and help you integrate the personal and professional aspects of your life.
I share my whole-life approach to goal-setting, expanding on the popular SMART and BASE approaches. You’ll come away with an easy framework you can use in planning. I’ll walk you though the goal planning process step by step. You’ll come away with a goal or two already set and a method you can follow with confidence.
This goal-setting method is something I’ve developed for myself and continue to use. Partnered with my planning and project management strategies, it’s really made a difference for me in my business and personal life. I’m confident of my next steps, and enjoy high  accomplishment and low stress. It’s removed uncertainty.

Will you join hundreds of other freelance creatives who’ve utilized these principles in their own lives?

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