The Momentum Mastermind 90-Day Sprint is a cohort of independent creative professionals or soon-to-be professionals strategically aligned for mutual support and encouragement to grow their businesses and brands

The group provides a framework for goal-setting, accountability, knowledge, and practical application to enhance your creative and material growth.

The mastermind isn’t a teaching or coaching group. It’s a peer accountability group of no more than 12 people and the facilitator. We meet together every week over a 3-month period (90 days).

We’ll share our objectives, track our progress, trouble-shoot challenges, brainstorm, hold each other accountable to get our goals done. And then we’ll celebrate our wins. 


The Momentum Mastermind 90-Day Sprint is designed for independent creative professionals who are serious about developing their businesses and brands in order to make a living from their creative work. Membership is ideal for:
    • Designers
    • Illustrators
    • Photographers
    • Artists
    • Videographers
    • Freelancers
    • Shop Owners
    • Writers
You can be established in business, or  just starting out. You can be a freelancer/independent contractor serving clients, a creator of products or commissioned artwork. If you’re not sure if this group is the right thing for you or you’re right for it, just ask. We’re not looking for hobbyists for this group. This Mastermind is not included in the Freelance Road Trip membership. Joining the Mastermind is a separate time commitment and financial investment.


The Momentum Mastermind 90-Day Sprint meets together online (via Zoom) every week over a quarter of the year —  in other words, 12 weeks, or a 90-day term.

It’s a short-term commitment intended to help you get your goals done. 

It’s a perfect follow up to my Creativepreneur and Creative Brand courses to dive deep and apply those principles and skills.

The Momentum Mastermind is a safe place to ask the difficult questions and receive honest feedback and perspectives from a close-knit group of creative peers. It’s a short-term commitment you can benefit from over and over again.

If this is something you can use to accelerate your business and brand, reserve your seat at our table today. Click the enroll button below.



quarterly membership fee

The membership fee is non-refundable. Be sure you want to and can make the commitment. Read the privacy policy here and refund policy here.

Here's what you get…

Q4 2021 Sprint Schedule

When does the group meet?

2023 application and enrollment opens April 1
12 Fridays
12:00PM–1:00PM Pacific Time

June 2—August 25, 2023
no meeting on 12/23/2021 or 12/30/2021

Sessions are 60 minutes in duration.
Login information and agenda for each session will be sent via email.

Upcoming Sprint Groups

2023 Q4 Goals Accelerator
 enrollment opens 8/1/2023
10 Fridays October 8—December 15
12:00PM–1:00PM Pacific Time

2024 Momentum Mastermind

to be announced