A mastermind group is a body of people strategically aligned by purpose to support and encourage each other. The group provides clear goals, framework, accountability, and commitment.

The Navigator Mastermind is  a virtual small group that meets together online for a season. It’s a 90-day commitment limited to 7 participants. 

My goal as facilitator is to provide the structure around which we all can work out the deeper issues of integrating creative work, developing a business mindset, building influence, and working with purpose.

The Navigator Mastermind is meant for creative professionals who are serious about developing their independent business: designers, illustrators, photographers, writers, artists. You can be established or starting out. We’re not looking for hobbyists for this group.

Together we’ll deal with the practicalities and mindset of pursuing significance, designing meaningful careers around our creative workand becoming effective in our spheres.

It’s an accountability group, so you’ll have some work to do.

This is a visionary group. We want to form the group around goals and purpose. Our focus won’t be on day-to-day mechanics and trouble-shooting, but on long-term impact and influence. We’ll take a deep dive into motivations, values, purpose, creativity and service.


This is a virtual group.

The commitment is 90 days.

We’ll have two 90-minute online conference calls each month, scheduled based on the best time for everyone.

You must participate in at least one of the two calls each month in order to continue in the group. There are no refunds for lack of participation.

In additional to the calls, you’ll be invited into a private short-term Facebook group to build stronger relationships and for mutual support.

You’ll have text message and email access to me directly.

You’ll also receive customized assignments, tools and resources not available in the digital course or my web store.



April 1 Application Period Opens
April 30 Application Period Closes
May 10—20 Acceptance Invitations Emailed
May 25 Tuition balance in full is due
June 1 Mastermind Starts
August 31 Mastermind Ends



Application Fee non-refundable $45.00
2019 Mastermind Tuition  $855.00* for the full 3 months This is the only time the tuition will be this low 
Total of $900.00 all in.

You don’t have to enroll in or complete the Freelance Road Trip digital course to join the Mastermind group. 

If you enroll in the course, you can also join the Mastermind. There are no bundle discounts if you do both. Sorry.



To be notified of the application period by email, join my Freelance Road Trip mailing list. Click the button below.

Apply Now

We use an application process to determine two things: Whether you’re a good fit for the group and your level of commitment.

 I’m committed to helping you succeed with your goals. Placing you with a group of action-minded creative pros with resources, accountability and intelligence has value.

The benefits of the mastermind groups depend on your level of commitment and integrity.

To apply, you need to pay an application fee of $45.00 (US). The fee is non-refundable and is your first step of commitment to the group. It covers my time and cost of reviewing your application.

Be honest and thorough in completing the application. The information you provide is completely confidential and will be used for acceptance purposes only. 

I’ll contact you by email regarding acceptance after the application period closes. Please see IMPORTANT DATES above.

If accepted, you will receive a digital agreement and payment details. The group requires a 3 month commitment.

If accepted into this group, you can also apply for future groups without paying the application fee again. (You’ll be on the extra special Navigator Insiders list!)

To apply, enter your first and last name in the field below and click the payment button. Upon completion of payment, you’ll be directed to the application. 

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