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The purpose of establishing a business should is not to follow your passion. It should be to serve people, make money to sustain your life so that you can follow your passion.

If your passion and your livelihood are the same, you are blessed. Most of us who’ve been in business for any length of time have had to readjust, reinvent, and restart in order to stay relevant and retain the power in the marketplace.

Being passionate about what you do for living, or, in other words, making a living doing what you love, is useful if you can leverage that passion in the marketplace. If you can’t, and you still want to build a freelance business, find out what you can leverage in the marketplace, and pursue your passion on the side. Sometimes it’s simply a matter of tweaking your focus.

Successful freelancers not only find a niche but fulfill a need in the marketplace. Meeting a need is the purpose of any business. When we’re able to make a living doing what we love, we’re twice blessed. When you set up a business, you need to be profit-focused. In order to be profit-focused you need to be market-focused. If you don’t go into business, what will the marketplace be missing?


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