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When should you pursue being creative in your own right versus being an order taker and just doing what the client asked for?

When do you take orders and when do you assume the role of a creative consultant alongside your client?

What’s going to provide you with the most significance in terms of the work you create?

This question was posed by a independent photographer who had a falling out with a client because she was hoping for more creative input, and the client just wanted her to do what was asked for.

There’s a time and a place for doing grunt work — the work that doesn’t take that much thoughts or creative effort.

If that’s all the clients asking for, and they don’t expect you to do more, you’re relegated to the role of an order taker and you’re not really able to fulfill any creative vision for the client.

For some, this is where burnout begins, because the work’s not meaningful. it’s necessary but there’s no significance to it.

If you want to level up how you serve your clients and you want to do more meaningful work, you can’t just take orders.

How do you go from being a service provider — a technician — to being a valued consultant and advisor?

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