The questions you ask position you either as the creative lead or a project assistant.
When working with clients, listen carefully and ask the right questions.  A well-framed question will elevate you. Asking a question you should already know the answer to will reduce you and even create distrust.
My second topic focuses on crafting your portfolio as a marketing tool.
01:05   We all ask stupid questions
01:20  The stupid question is the one you should already know the answer to
03:00  When we don’t listen carefully enough, we ask questions the client has already given us the answers to.
04:15 Unnecessary questions reduce our value in the eyes of our clients. 
07:00  Build your listening and note-taking skills
08:40  Learn to glean
09:25  Get the goal planner 
10:50 It’s time to update your portfolio
12:35  How to make your portfolio better  
15:50  Make it easy to edit
18:30 Sequential order and the recency effect
21:40  Your unique approach
24:35  Create self-initiated projects when you’re not working on client projects
26:30  Dedicate regular times to develop your portfolio