One huge factor in the freelance experience is the problem client who does not pay for what they order. Even with a contracted relationship in place, there’s no guarantee that a client will follow through as agreed, and the freelancer is charged with taking the time to collect.
There are things you can do to ensure your clients pay you. These are some pre-project, mid-project and post-project strategies.


According to Freelancers Union nearly  50% of freelancers were stiffed by clients in the past year. Freelancers spend an average of 36 hours chasing payments.

Solopreneurs often experience problems with getting clients to pay for the work. Even in a contracted relationship, there are no guarantees that a client will follow through. It’s a risk we take.

Sometimes a client can’t pay. Sometimes they won’t pay. Sometimes they think they’ve paid but haven’t. 

When a client doesn’t pay, the freelancer is burdened with taking the time and making the effort to collect. This impacts other projects.

There are certain things you can do to encourage and even ensure you get paid by your client.


06:23 Two Approaches to getting paid

06:36 Factoring

07:42 Collections

08:26 Discount

09:04 Penalties

10:30 Bigger issues with non-payment.

12:21 Terms of Service

13:52 Down Payments

16:21 Progressive Billing

20:46 Estimates

21:56 If it’s not in writing, you can’t enforce it.

29:51 Qualify the client

30:35 Why Freelance Road Trip exists