Make the most of it when things go sideways.

This isn’t about COVID-19. This show is about responding to turbulence and storms, and things beyond our control. I share ways to make the most of this time of trouble, what your top priority should be, how to lean in and apply your creative problem-solving to the situation. You have the ability to thrive in these perilous times.

Here is a list of ways you can maintain momentum in your freelance business, stay productive, and hopeful:

  1. Check in with clients and prospects and share some encouragement.
  2. Check in with fellow freelancers by text or phone and share a word of encouragement.
  3. Hold a virtual meet-up with friends, colleagues, clients, and family via Zoom, Adobe Connect, etc.
  4. Double down on learning new skills, getting new work created for your portfolio, working on your big, hairy, audacious goals.
  5. Since innovation rises from problems and crises, approach your situation as a design problem, and use design thinking to work through it. If you’ve been a “paycheck-to-paycheck” person, what can you change starting today to put money aside, earn more money, and build a 2 – 3 month emergency fund? 
  6. Review your goals, marketing plan, and business plan.
  7. Update your resumé.
  8. Design a new business card.
  9. Assign yourself a few projects and case studies to add to your portfolio.
  10. Create new promotion pieces.
  11. Research prospective clients and make a plan for reaching out. Then reach out.
  12. Think about ways you can diversify your income sources. Creating brushes, textures, presets, halftone packs, vectors, to sell.
  13. No-content books (journals, planners) printable, stickers.
  14. Rearrange or declutter your work space, especially if you work at home.
  15. What work have you created that you can license or sell?
  16. Start an online business.


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