Freelance Road Trip Podcast with Alvalyn Lundgren
Freelance Road Trip Podcast with Alvalyn Lundgren 127: What Could Go Wrong?

127. What Could Go Wrong?127.

Many freelancers in all sectors work without written contracts. They rely on verbal agreements which can be vague and incomplete. Neglecting to put project parameters and expectations in writing before you begin a project opens the door for all kinds of trouble to show up. The best way to avoid these troubles is to used contracts. In this episode I share from my own experience, and how freelancers can manage expectations with written agreements. Using contracts is good business practice and can increase your potential for long-term success.

Freelance Road Trip Podcast Episode 24 by Alvalyn Lundgren: Got Clients? Use Contracts!

Got Clients? Use Contracts!

DOWNLOAD Healthy relationships with your clients begin with written contracts. If you’re a freelancer working with clients, one of the best things you can do