The CASE Act, and Why You Should Avoid Spec Work

The Copyright Alternative in Small-claims Enforcement Act — The CASE Act (HR 2426) — passed in the House on October 22, 2019, and moves on to the Senate (SB 1273). What does the legislation mean for freelancers, and why you should care. And I dive into the differences between pro bono and speculative work, how to manage pro bono projects, setting policies that are good for your business, and why you should avoid working on spec.



The CASE Act
Passed House on October 22, 2019
On to the Senate
What the opposition is doing and how to respond
Pro Bono and Spec Work
Comparing speculative and pro bono work
Pro bono is a choice
Be strategic
Have a policy in place
Pro bono policies
Spec work goes against the idea of freelancing
The fear factor
How to respond to spec work requests
A book cover spce contest
You have the power of choice
Spec work from the client’s side

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